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March 12th, 2013: LIVIDS "She Likes Zits" 7" available for PRE-ORDER now!!!

LIVIDS "She Likes Zits" 7" is now available for PRE-ORDER!  We're expecting these in the mail any day now, and with a slew of SXSW dates lined up this week, there's no better time to order your copy!  The first 100 copies are on limited edition RED vinyl, so you better hurry if you want one!

If you'e been in the dark and haven't heard, LIVIDS is a new punk stuporgroup featuring ex-NEW BOMB TURKS screamer Eric Davidson, guitarist Jami Wolf (formerly of ZODIAC KILLERS and SHOP FRONTS), guitarist Daniel Kelley (formerly of DEAD RINGERS, PAPER BAGS, COMPLAINTS, and RE-VOLTS), drummer Greg Collins (ex-RADIO 4), and last but not least, bassist Joi Locour.

Click HERE to pre-order!

Posted on March 12th, 2013