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TW-17:  FLESH LIGHTS "No Longer" b/w "You Don't Know" 45 rpm 7"

     With a full length LP/CD, multiple singles and a handful of compilation tracks in the rear view mirror, Austin's FLESH LIGHTS are a band that most everyone should now be familiar with (unless you have been living under a rock - or in some dreadful place, like Idaho).  They've toured the country multiple times (including tours with THE HIVES and FIDLAR), played insanely memorable SXSW shows (see: Beerland patio day show 2012) all while continuing to progress and grow as a band.

     Twistworthy Records is excited to announce the latest record in their series of great releases!  This new 45rpm 7" single was recorded while on their most recent west coast tour by longtime friend and confidant, Mike Vasquez, at the recently relocated Sweatbox Studios.  "No Longer" is a punk/power pop gem, masterfully lead by guitarist Max, while "You Don't Know" puts bassist Jeremy in the forefront for a swagger-filled tune that will get stuck in your head for days.  Both songs have been fan favorites and mainstays of their set from the past year, and is their first vinyl release since their well received "Too Big To Fail" double 7".

     This new single will be the third Flesh Lights release on Twistworthy Records, marking a return to the label after equally excellent releases on both 12XU and Super Secret Records.  Pre-orders will be announced soon, including a limited edition colored vinyl option.

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Posted on October 14th, 2013